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BioFiber Solutions brings 40+ years of experience and relationships in office supplies and products, sales and marketing, consumer product innovation, supply chain development and management, distirubtion, and manufacturement with an emphasis on the bioeconomy, biobased products, and sustainability.


While we develop and distribute products, we are in the business of people. The bioeconomy is a relatively new industry, so we believe that collaboration is the key for building successful supply chains and introducing new and attractive biobased products into the commercial market. We will help you to assess your current ability to penetrate the market, connect you to decision makers in the federal government and commercial marketplace, and connect you with reliable manufacturers and distributors to get your product to your targeted audience.

Sales & Marketing:

BioFiber Solution's team is built of sales and marketing professionals who have 30+ years of experience in bringing the right products to the right people. We will help you to develop your company and product's story, evaluate your prospective impact, determine target markets, develop marketing and sales plans, and implement successful sales and marketing strategy.

Innovation: We innovate bioproducts in collaboration with manufacturers. That's what we do. Our bioblend provides us the ability to create a portfolio of products at any manufacturer's demand. We can develop hundreds of types of bioproducts. Are you a manufacturer? If so, our question is: what bioproduct do you want to create and be the first to bring to market?

Eco-Calculators: BioFiber Solutions will help you to demonstrate the social impact that your product will have on the market. We have discovered that the most successful bioproducts are the ones that demonstrate a reduction in carbon footprint, increase jobs, and are cost-competitive with petroleum-based products. BioFiber Solutions will help you calculate your product's positive impact.

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