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A new Biobased Product Economy is emerging around us driven by Federal regulations, smart sustainable business practices, and opportunities for green-collar job creation in rural America.


Each year, the US geenrates over 100 million tons of agricultural residues. 80% of it goes to waste while less than 1% of all paper consumed in the US contains any of this Farm Fiber. Over 4 million tons of office paper are consumed each year in the US, and paper represents 16% of solid waste in our landfills.


By choosing a biobased product such as BioCycled Copy Paper, for every 40-cartons of paper consumed 24 trees stay in our forest, over a ton of greenhouse gases are mitigated, wastepaper is diverted from landfills, and Farm Fiber is upcycled into a high performance everyday copy paper product innovation for home or office.


BioFiber Solutions International (BFSI) was founded by Bert Herring with the vision that all companies could have a next-generation environmentally friendly product that would help companies and people alike acheive zero-waste.


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