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All with a single piece of paper.

Reduce Emissions. Conserve Water. Acheive Zero-Waste.

Within every fiber of our bioblend copy paper is an exotic and all-American blend of sustainability and environmental greatness. We designed our paper to help your organization reduce its carbon footprint, save water, and acheive sustainability goals with a simple and everyday product. Using BioFiber Solution's advance bioblend technology, we have innovated the first line of biobased and USDA BioPreferred office supply products that blend both agriculture and consumer waste.

There are people who envision a cleaner, greener, and safer world. These are the dreamers, the innovators, the heros. We provide them with a simple product that makes it easy to be a green and environmentally friendly. We provide them with a product that will make the world a better place. 


With our products, everyone can be an environmental hero.



Introducing: BioCycled

Biocycled is a new USDA biopreferred certified copy paper that is 25% agricultural waste, and 75% post-consumer waste. What does this mean? It means no trees were harmed in the making of this movie. From the wheat in your farm, to the coffee cup you just threw out, we can make an array of products for you that are entirely made from repurposed content.   


Or, just want paper? Purchase below!


Transforming sustainable products in collaboration with:



Our commitment to American greatness:


Each year, every 10 cases of BioCycled paper purchased:


2,805 Gallons of Water



500 lbs of Greenhouse Gases



188 lbs of Solid Waste

from being produced


Our products aren't just green products. They are bioproducts.


Within every fiber of a biobased product is commitment to creating a product that isn't just recycled or repurposed or environmentally friendly. It is all that and more. Bioproducts are made from agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. It is a product that also measures its impact upon the environment, economy, and US jobs.


Whether you are writing, drawing, or folding paper planes, know that your purchase of our paper will help make air cleaner, conserve water, and save energy.



Want an inside look into how Biocycled could advance your environmental impact?


Call us at 562.779.4003 and we will calculate the impact Biocycled will have on your business.  



Seal Beach, CA 90740

Tel: 562-799-4003

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